Cleanout Door


What is the condition of your Clean Out door?

The clean out door is most often overlooked and under appreciated.   It should be air tight, non-rusting and provide easy access into the chimney flue to inspect, sweep and remove any debris that may have collected during the year.

A majority of doors are not airtight and are made of a thin material, which easily rusts and warps.   As a result, these clean out doors allow air to enter the chimney and create a loss of draft flow.   This will also cause the combustion gases to condense within the flue.    This should be avoided.

Chimney Works uses a cast aluminum door that won’t rust or warp.   The door is air tight and insulated.   The door latches shut with a screw that will not allow the door to be opened unintentionally.   The door is available in black and comes in various sizes.   They are easy to install.